Our Classes

The Pole Studio offers a wide variety of Pole, Flexibility, and Strength classes for all levels and styles. Take a look below to find the class that’s right for you!

Pole Dance
(Levels 1-4)

In our level 1-4 pole trick classes, you will learn how to climb, spin, flip and fly. Our pole levels follow the same guidelines as the Pole Sport Organization rules. Each class is designed to give students a full body workout while feeling strong and sexy. Descriptions for each individual level are listed below

*These classes require a dance pole.

Low flow pole

Low Flow is a choreography based pole class. We will begin with a 15-20 minute warmup, then move into a step by step breakdown of your choreography. Low flow will utilize the bottom 3rd of the pole, as well as basework and floorwork. You’re choreography will consist of fluid movement around the pole, and may incorporate beginner/intermediate level tricks. Low Flow will also give you a strong foundation in musicality and how to set movement to music.

*This class requires a dance pole.

pole dance, exotic dance, pole dancer

Exotic Pole

Exotic Pole is a choreography based class where we will explore strength and sensuality through a mixture of flow, hard hitting movements, and exotic tricks. We will begin with a warm-up and then move into a bit of pole conditioning. We will then spend the remainder of class learning a choreographed pole routine around the pole and on the floor. This class is designed for low intermediate level and up. Low Flow pole is highly recommended as a prerequisite for this class.

*This class does require a dance pole. Knee pads and dance heels (ex. Pleaser brand) are highly recommended.


Flexibility classes will be split up to focus on one half of the body as a time. These classes will focus on active and passive flexibility in either the upper half, or lower half of the body to strengthen the muscles and increase range of motion. We will begin with a quick warm-up to prepare our muscles to lengthen. Depending on the class, we will then continue to work on lengthening the muscles in either our neck, shoulders, and back; or both side splits, middle splits, and pike position.

*This class can be done with no equipment. A yoga mat, yoga blocks and stretch bands are recommended for more flexible students.


This floorwork class is a great way to stay active and feel sexy at home with no equipment required! We will start with a guided warm-up including fluid movement, stretching, and some toning for abs and glutes. We will then move into learning a choreographed floorwork sequence that will have you feeling strong, sexy, and re energized. This class requires nothing but your body and your floor!

*Knee pads are recommended. Dance heels (ex. Pleaser brand) are optional.

Pole Foundations

This class is designed to prepare you for the jump from level 1, to level 2 pole. In Pole Foundations, we will spend time conditioning pole essentials such as leg hangs (inside and outside), climbs, inverts, brass monkey, etc. This class is great for level 1/2 dancers and higher. More advanced dancers will benefits from having strong foundations to be comfortable in high level tricks.

*This class does require a dance pole.

pole dancer, shouldermount

Ballet for pole

Ballet for Pole is designed to give you a strong foundation in your dance basics. This class will cover body alignment, toe points, turnout, and port de bras (arm movement and positioning). Ballet for Pole is a great class for anyone looking to be more fluid, elegant, and precise in their movements, or training for competition.

*Something to hold on to (ex. countertop, chair, pole, etc.) is required.

Contemporary Pole

Contemporary Pole is a choreography based hybrid of low flow pole and contemporary dance. This class will begin with a 15-20 minute warm up, and then move into your choreography. This class will not only strengthen your dance ability, but also give you a strong foundation in musicality and matching your movements to music. Contemporary Pole is great for dancers of all levels.

*This class does require a dance pole. Knee pads are recommended. 

Lunch Crunch

Lunch crunch is a full body conditioning class for aerialists. No pole required!! This is an all level class that will tone all the muscles we use in pole dance, floor dance, and other aerial disciplines. No pole? no problem. The only equipment required is your body.

*More advanced students may use yoga blocks, resistance bands, and/or weights.

Spin Pole

Spin Pole is for the student who is proficient in level 1 pole or higher. No dance background is required! We will begin class with a 20 minute warm-up containing a bit of sensual movement, stretching, and conditioning for abs and glutes. Following warmup, we will move into some prep for climbing and inverting. The remainder of class, you will learn a sequence of pole dance basics such as spins, body waves, and sensual movement with your pole on the spin setting. 

*A dance pole is required. We recommend X-pole brand.

Yoga Flow

Start your day moving your body with a gentle flow that will waken up your muscles and open hips, legs, back, and shoulders. 

Be ready to boost your energy, reduce stress and tension, and develop a consistent yoga practice once a week. 

At the end of this slow stretch-focused class you will feel refreshed and ready to face the day with a positive mindset. 

All Levels (modifications are given) 

*You will need a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, and a strap. 

Midday Mobility

This is a practice for everyone who wants to improve range of motion and joint mobility. Classes are designed to release tension, correct posture, and improve form.

Pole dancers can highly benefit from these classes as they are designed to provide therapeutic relief to help with injury prevention by using myofacial release, dynamic warm-ups and static stretching.

Level: Moderate-Intermediate 

*You will need a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, and a strap. 

Pole dance, Pole dancer

Open Studio

Got a trick you want to learn? Looking to try something you saw on IG? We’ve got you covered. In this 60 minute open studio, you may bring whatever you want to class and get individual help and feedback. In this class, you may work on anything including pole tricks, pole choreography, exotic tricks, floorwork, flexibility, and pole conditioning.

*More advanced students may use yoga blocks, resistance bands, and/or weights.

Flexy Pole

Flexy Pole is for intermediate/advanced polers who want to add more flexy pole tricks into their skill set. Each class, we will focus on one particular trick and the class will be broken up into 2 sections. The first 40 minutes, we will be working on active and passive flexibility to achieve a particular pole trick. The last 20 minutes will be spent working on our trick up the pole.

Pole Levels Guide

Level 1 Pole

Level 1 Pole is for students who have already taken an Intro to Pole class or have been pole dancing for less than 6 months. This class will take you through our signature mat warm up, followed by a bit of climb and invert conditioning. In this class, we will begin to learn level 1 pole tricks from the ground or 1 climb high and put them together to create a beautiful, fluid pole sequence. At this level, we do not invert.

Level 2 Pole

Level 2 Pole is for students who are comfortable with inverting from the floor. We will begin class with out signature mat warm-up and conditioning. For the remainder of class, we will focus on inverting, shoulder mount prep, leg hangs, different types of climbs, and begin to learn tricks that require inverting from the ground. This class may be taught with either static or spin pole, depending on the instructor.

Level 3/4 Pole

Level 3/4 Pole is for our aerial inverters. We will begin class with our signature mat warm-up followed by conditioning. At this level, we will focus on creating trick sequences in the air. This class will also include aerial inverting, aerial shoulder mount prep, and handspring prep. This class may be taught with either static or spin pole depending on the instructor.

*We highly recommend you do not attempt this class without a crash mat.

What to wear to class

As a pole dancer, it is a necessity that you have enough bare skin to help grip the pole. It is recomended that you wear something along the lines of a sports bra and short shorts. Other outfits that work well include swimwear, body suits, and leotards. If you would like, you may also wear dance heels. Our favorite brand is Pleaser USA. To start, we recommend a 7″ heel height.

For non pole class, any form of comfortable, stretchy athletic wear will do. A T-shirt and shorts or leggings will do just fine. No footwear is required.


What not to wear to class

  • Please refrain from wearing any sort of lotion. It will greatly hinder your ability to grip the pole and can become dangerous if attempting new moves.
  • Do not wear rings or other loose jewelry. Dance poles are made from very strong material and can easily bend or break your jewelry. Hand and wrist jewelry can also scratch your beautiful pole so please leave them off!